Air Pollution and Maternity

Preventing Known Health Hazards

Air pollution exposure has long been identified as a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Its health effects are particularly severe in major cities and industrial areas in Asia and metropolitan areas in Western countries.


Pregnant women and their babies are among the most vulnerable populations and their well-being remains one of the major global health concerns.

Now, some of the most serious health hazards of air pollution can be mitigated by using an all natural oral nutritional immune system enhancer, developed by Israeli scientists.  

The new product, called pollunex, will be first introduced in China, through Genfortune Pharmaceuticals Ltd.



biO-functional nutrient
Science based - All Natural FORMULA

Mother & fetus - Health hazards

New research finds strong links between air pollution and premature births, as well as an array of adverse birth outcomes. 

What is pollunex?

pollunex was developed to protect pregnant women and their fetus during the "golden months" - pre, during and post pregnancy.

The Science behind pollunex

Our product development process was based on a large body of clinical and environmental international research data.

Serious health hazards to mother & fetus

"PM2.5 air pollution hits babies and the elderly hardest, and exposure in the womb has long been associated with an array of adverse birth outcomes like preterm birth and low birth weight."

"Other air pollution molecules, like the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in diesel exhaust, are known to raise cancer risk, especially in people exposed to toxic materials as a fetus. Other pollutants affect the heart; still others are neurotoxins. Air pollution also impairs immune development in utero, making it harder for those exposed to fight infection later in life."


pollunex bio-functional food NUTRIENT

A special all-natural formula for pregnant women

pollunex was developed to protect pregnant women and their fetus during the "golden months" – while preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy and during lactating (breast feeding) period. 

Enhances respiratory and cardiovascular immune systemem

pollunex is a bio-functional food supplement that fortifies the body's natural immune system to prevent air pollution-induced damages, like respiratory and cardiovascular system inflammations. 

Averts oxidative stress caused by toxins inhaled of air pollution

pollunex was specially formulated to meet the nutritional recommendations for pregnant women in each country where it is sold. 

pollunex was developed by leading Israeli scientists and is manufactured in Israel to the highest international quality standards.  


The science

behind pollunex

pollunex is a unique bio-functional food nutrient. Its formulation is designed to mitigate air-pollution induced respiratory and cardiovascular toxicity in pregnant women.

When inhaled, small particles move deep into the lungs and can be carried via the bloodstream towards other organs including brain, liver, kidney, and even testicles. The body recognizes it as a foreign body, which triggers a white blood cell response resulting in inflammation and DNA damage by oxidative stress.

Our product development process, led by Prof. Oren Froy, was based on a large body of clinical and environmental international research data. These include scientific literature and established  supporting evidence to the ability of dietary interventions to mitigate air pollution-induced respiratory and cardiovascular toxicity on healthy subjects as well as pregnant and lactating women.

The following is a partial list of some relevant research citations;    (Chatham et al., 1987; Grievink et al., 1998; Romieu et al., 1998; Samet et al., 2001; Trenga et al., 2001); (Possamai et al., 2010); (Sienra-Monge et al., 2004); (Romieu et al., 2005). (Tong et al., 2012). (Lee et al., 2009); (Moreno and Mitjavila, 2003). (Xiao et al., 1997; Xiao et al., 1995). (Mozaffarian et al., 2008; O'Keefe et al., 2006); (Nestle, 1998); (Heber et al., 2014); (Manicourt and Devogelaer, 2008), (Holick, 2011); (Abbenhardt et al., 2014; Fiorito et al., 2014), (Zhong et al., 2017), (Baccarelli et al., 2008); 

Prof. Oren Froy

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