the health hazards of Air pollution

News reports and studies on air pollution health hazards in vulnerable populations

Study suggests air pollution breathed in the months before and after conception increases chance of birth defects
Study: Air pollution responsible for ‘huge’ drop in intelligence
Preterm birth associated with maternal fine particulate matter exposure

Air-pollution may permanently damage your child's brain says UNICEF

Air pollution may weaken your bones
Study Links Polluted Air in China to 1.6 Million Deaths a Year
Air pollution from traffic putting unborn babies’ health at risk
Air pollution affects preterm birthrates globally, study finds
Air Pollution Is Killing Millions Around The Globe Each Year

Study Links Mother’s Air Pollution Exposure Around Time Of Conception

With Risk Of Birth Defects In Baby

Air pollution in New Delhi has the health effect of smoking 45 cigarettes a day
How air pollution is hurting Delhi's kids
Causes and Consequences of Air Pollution in Beijing, China

How air pollution affects pregnant women and their babies



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