Applicable for                                  

Women preparing for pregnancy  Pregnant women 

Lactating women                       

Usage recommendations

Mix the content of one pollunex  sachet  with half a glass of water and drink, preferably during breakfast.


Made in Israel by personallix     


This product is not a substitute for medicine. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.


Carton box - 125x102x102mm

Contains 30 individual sachets

Packet weight - 7g/each


Best kept in a cool and dry

place. Keep out of reach of children. 

Production Certification                  Approved for export by the

Israeli Ministry of Health 

A unique all-natural blend 


pollunex key ingredients

Acerola: A tropical fruit from the Caribbean islands and South America. Highly rich with vitamin C and β carotene. Well known to prevent inflammation and reduce oxidative stress.

Pomegranate: A powerful fruit. Abundantly rich in vitamin C, antioxidants as well as valuable minerals. It is a potent chelator of peroxides and free radicals and decreases the oxidative stress caused by pollutants. In addition, it has beneficial cardiac and neuroprotective properties.

Broccoli sprouts extract: Contains important natural elements like sulforaphane and glucosinolate, that have anti-inflammatory properties and support the body's immune system against high levels of airborne pollutants. 

Fish oil: Contains ώ-3 PUFA (Omega 3 fatty acids). An all-natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that confers and protects against cardiovascular toxicity. It is also known to be a good source for vitamin D.

Dunaliella Algae:  Has unicellular green alga that enables it to cope with the harsh salty conditions of the Dead-sea of Israel. Upon stress, it facilitates the accumulation of large amounts of β carotene, providing pulmonary protection by preventing inflammation and helping fight oxidative stress.



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